Let’s talk rubbish





December 2020

Why is managing our rubbish important?

It is important to manage our rubbish for our health, for our environment, and to help manage our resources better.


A very important way for us to all stay healthy is to make sure that we throw our rubbish away, the right way and recycle as much as we can. Just imagine, if we threw our rubbish into our back yard, it would pile up really high, look ugly because it’s messy and it would smell really bad!

Rubbish like food, after awhile starts to breakdown, biodegrade or rot and can bring with it natural fungus and micro-organisms such as bacteria.

This would attract animals to come and dig and scurry through the rubbish and not the good animals either! Animals like rats and mice. Eeek!

This combination can have bad effects for human health through disease and illness so we need to manage our rubbish so we don’t get sick, and so that we keep everything nice and clean including our air.

Just like how Sonny and Skye like it!

Our Environment

It is also important to remove our rubbish for the health of our environment because rubbish and waste can cause water and air pollution. Recycling helps us to reduce the amount of rubbish we have and Council helps us to remove our rubbish the right way by providing waste collection services to the Tamworth region.

Proper waste management and recycling can also help to keep our world beautiful by containing the areas where waste and rubbish is placed and not destroying our parks, streets, beaches or yards.

Magpies are naturally sustainable creatures. They help keep the environment clean and Skye helps Sonny scout new ways to be sustainable always.

One easy way we can all help to reduce our waste is to have a drink bottle that you can refill rather than buying new plastic bottles all the time.

Manage our resources

The Environment includes all physical surroundings surrounding the Earth. This includes living things and non-living things. By reducing our waste, we are protecting the environment and earths resources. Resources like aluminium, petroleum, and trees are all used to make new things such as cans, plastic bags and paper.

When we recycle, we use less energy than making new materials which is also protecting our resources.

Did you know that swimmers and backpacks can be made from recycled plastic bottles? Yep, that’s right. Click here to find out some more surprising sustainability facts.

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