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Sonny the Sustainability Scout
and Skye the Magpie.

Meet Sonny, a Sustainability Scout, who runs the school of sustainability that inspires children to have fun learning to be more water, waste, and energy wise and most of all – to do things that change things!

Sonny has enlisted their friend Skye the Magpie to help, because magpies are naturally very sustainable creatures who take care of their environment and together they are on the lookout for sustainable friends to join them in their mission to scout out more ways we can be sustainable always.


Let's power change
with Sonny and Skye.


If you enjoy fun, games, and learning about our environment you will love joining Sonny and Skye on their mission to scout out ways we can be sustainable always.

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Content on this site has been designed using the NSW and Australian Curriculum syllabus outcomes for Stages 1, 2 and 3. The information and fact sheets have the relevant syllabus outcomes listed

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Let us have fun

Getting involved

Let's Play


Play the Sonny the Sustainability Arcade Games and test your skills

Let's Play

Colouring Sheets

Download some fun water, waste and energy colouring in sheets here.

Let's Learn


Join Sonny and Skye on their mission to scout more ways to be sustainable always.

Let's Learn


Read Sonny's top tips for recycling and other great sustainability stories.

Let's Learn


Earn Water, Waste and Energy badges with Sonny and Skye!

Let's Learn


A range of fact sheets to help you become more sustainable.


Learn about Sonny

Hi, I am Sonny. I am a Sustainability Scout, the same age as you.

I live in Tamworth NSW with my friend Skye the magpie. I love sustainability and magpies, because like me, magpies are loyal, inquisitive, the love songs and they help keep our environment clean. I do not like litterbugs and wasters. I spend my time stopping waste, reducing, reusing, and recycling and helping people scout out more ways to be sustainable always.

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